Clifton Street Surgery - News

  • 21 Sep 2023

    Flu & Covid Vaccs

    We are in the process of inviting patients for the autumn Flu and Covid vaccinations. Eligible patients will receive a letter.

  • 4 Jul 2023

    Childhood Immunisations

    Has your child had their vaccines? Check their red book and speak to your GP or health visitor if they are due.

  • 27 Apr 2023

    Copies of medical records

    It takes 28 days for copies of medical records to be provided, so please bear this in mind when arranging or agreeing to dates for appeals meetings

  • 20 Feb 2023

    Shaping Caring Together in Belfast 2023 onwards

    Belfast Trust is renewing our Carers Strategy. This will set out our plan for how we will support unpaid and family carers for the next 4-5 years. We are inviting carers, Trust staff and Community and Voluntary sector representatives to help shape this strategy.

  • 12 Dec 2022

    Warm Spaces, Warm Welcomes

    The warm spaces warm welcomes campaign will see each community centre dedicate time each week for older people to drop into their local centre for company, chat and a hot cuppa.

  • 23 Jun 2022

    Virtual Dementia Tour Bus

    The Virtual Dementia Tour is the only scientifically and medically proven way of giving a person with a healthy brain the experience of what dementia might be like.

  • 25 Oct 2021

    Hospital Letters

    Please avoid coming to the surgery to hand your hospital letter in wherever possible.

  • 2 Feb 2021

    Telephone Lines

    The surgery telephone lines continue to be exceptionally busy, as we are triaging all patients by phone and there are increased numbers of patients trying to get through.

  • 16 Jun 2020

    Attending Surgery By Prior Arrangement

    Patients should attend the surgery alone for a pre-arranged appointment. If this is not possible, or you need someone to assist you, please advise of this when your appointment is being arranged.

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